Call for presentations

Presenter Information:

• All applicants will be notified of their status by July 31, 2022.
• All presentation materials (handouts, PowerPoint presentations, flyers or information sheets) must be submitted no later than October 1, 2022, for inclusion on the website. Any information received after this due date will be updated based on availability.
• PASA and PSBA do not provide paper copies of presentations. All information is accessible on the conference website and app.
• Alliance Partners may submit proposals, but must have at least one member school district representative as a co-presenter.
• We reserve the right to edit information for publishing and promotional purposes. This includes editing for clarity, brevity and accuracy.
• Applications must include a member school district. Professional speakers will not be considered.

PSBA and PASA do not provide complimentary registrations for any presenters.

Presenters are always welcome to attend the conference, however, PSBA and PASA are not able to provide complimentary registrations for any presenters. Presenters are welcome to attend their presentation and then depart afterwards without incurring any registration fees. Any presenter who wishes to participate in other education sessions, exhibit hall, meals or other scheduled activities MUST register and pay the conference registration fee.

Audio-Visual Information:

• All session rooms will have a screen, LCD projector, podium and microphone, and complimentary internet access.
• Laptops are not provided for any presentations.
• Presenters are responsible for bringing appropriate cable connections for any Apple brand products.
• All meeting rooms will be set theater-style with a draped table and floor podium in the front of the room.
• Panel tables will be added to sessions if noted on the application form.
• Presenters are responsible for bringing, or ordering and paying for, additional equipment from Kalahari Resorts and Conventions.
By signing here, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree with the presenter information listed above.

Education Session Presentation Information

Your Presentation:


Traditional Presentation
Traditional presentations focus on a single topic or program, typically including a talk or presentation followed by questions and answers.

Roundtable Discussions
Presenters briefly introduce the idea or issue they wish to explore and then open the discussion for input and exchange of ideas among participants. The purpose of this format is “more discussion, less lecture” and a focus on content delivery.

Interactive Presentation
Interactive sessions provide an extended opportunity for participant engagement and peer learning (e.g. guided small group discussions, polls, quizzes, case study examination, etc.)

Panel Discussion
Discussion focuses on a specific topic among a selected group of expert panelists who can offer differing perspectives on a common topic area. Panels should consist of no more than four participants plus a moderator.

Inspiration Session
Short (20-25 minute) discussion sessions on topics related to best practices or current trends. NO presentation slides or other audiovisual aides should be utilized.


(please include degree designations and other professional information as you wish it to be listed in the program) Sessions are limited to a maximum of five presenters.

Presenter 1:

Presenter 2:

Presenter 3:

Presenter 4:

Presenter 5:

Every effort is being made to hold the annual conference in person. We continue to monitor the status of the pandemic and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations. Should the event change to a virtual platform, all accepted in-person presentations cannot be held virtually due to time and platform limitations. PSBA and PASA therefore reserve the right to make final determinations regarding virtual presentations.